Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome week

We were talking about doing assignments that involve drunk people the other day and I decided to show Josh pictures from my first State News assignment ever, a welcome week party with jello wrestling. Found this in my take, thought it was pretty funny.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dave's show (for Cathy?)

Meesh's baby and Dave looking awkward.

This kid is the owner of the studio's daughter. She is the cutest thing ever. When her dad left her alone with Dave for a minute he said "Don't kill Dave okay?" and she cackled.

She is about as cute as Elorie, except 20 years older.

Meeting the parents.

(Dear Cathy,

I am not sure that I believe that you read my blog. But in case you do here are pictures of Dave's show. In case you don't, everyone else who reads my blog can see them.)

The women's basketball team lost their first game and are out of the tournament, it's a little bit disappointing because I honestly wasn't expecting them to lose and I was counting on a full weekend of working. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining that I get to relax and rest for a couple more days rather than rush around shooting basketball, but I would much rather be working every day of spring break than doing nothing, which is what I will be doing. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, or my career, or at least with my college life at the moment, and I'm being pulled in so many different directions I'm not sure who to listen to. The people who's opinions I trust the most tell me I need to figure things out for myself. I talked with Lorenna tonight about it and she said "Do what makes you happy and do something no one else is doing, create something that people would miss." She works with clay, and she and Dave have the starving artist thing down pretty well. They love what they do and they would do it without the shows and the money. They're good people to learn from.

I feel like I've strayed a bit from my days as an artist, but I need to find ways to make my photography an art the way I do with my writing. I've found that when I'm taking pictures for myself, or of something I enjoy shooting, I do my best work because I'm not working, I'm just shooting. The debate between photo and writing will never end, and I'll never be satisfied as long as those in authority are making me choose one or the other. In a perfect world I could do both, but I guess I need to decide between them, and it's not easy and it's kind of messy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last game

I think last night's basketball game was fitting as my last men's basketball game that I shot this season (maybe ever?). We became the Big Ten Champions, the game took place at Assembly Hall, which was strange because I grew up as an Indiana fan. Raymar had the most incredible dunk I've ever seen and even though I didn't get it in focus, I did get to see it from roughly five or six feet away. The boys I traveled with were fun to be with, even though they did make me sleep on the floor. I am basically in love with every member of the men's basketball team at this point (especially Suton, I wanted to cry when I was sitting feet away from a slew of people shouting "Suton sucks!"). I am extremely happy they're Big Ten Champs, and I've learned through this season that I actually enjoy following certain sports (namely, MSU men's basketball).

The trip so far has been fun and I was happy with last night for the most part. I'm looking forward to shooting the women's tournament and finishing up my final days of shooting basketball (again, probably ever, but that's a whole different blog post). I'm relaxing and enjoying real food at my Grandma's house, and excited to get to be here for Dave's art show. I feel so good I think I'm going to go running tomorrow, after I sleep in a huge comfortable bed for however long I want. I get a week of this and then it's back to not eating, sleeping or really functioning beyond work and school, so I'm going to try to enjoy it and work hard the next few days before I'm officially on break. Go State.