Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last game

I think last night's basketball game was fitting as my last men's basketball game that I shot this season (maybe ever?). We became the Big Ten Champions, the game took place at Assembly Hall, which was strange because I grew up as an Indiana fan. Raymar had the most incredible dunk I've ever seen and even though I didn't get it in focus, I did get to see it from roughly five or six feet away. The boys I traveled with were fun to be with, even though they did make me sleep on the floor. I am basically in love with every member of the men's basketball team at this point (especially Suton, I wanted to cry when I was sitting feet away from a slew of people shouting "Suton sucks!"). I am extremely happy they're Big Ten Champs, and I've learned through this season that I actually enjoy following certain sports (namely, MSU men's basketball).

The trip so far has been fun and I was happy with last night for the most part. I'm looking forward to shooting the women's tournament and finishing up my final days of shooting basketball (again, probably ever, but that's a whole different blog post). I'm relaxing and enjoying real food at my Grandma's house, and excited to get to be here for Dave's art show. I feel so good I think I'm going to go running tomorrow, after I sleep in a huge comfortable bed for however long I want. I get a week of this and then it's back to not eating, sleeping or really functioning beyond work and school, so I'm going to try to enjoy it and work hard the next few days before I'm officially on break. Go State.

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