Monday, November 10, 2008

The best mustache

The other day, I got to work about 30 minutes before a shoot I had of the guy who supposedly had an awesome mustache. I got there intending to set up lights and such before he got there, but instead, I arrive to Hannah and Krystle talking in the photo room. Turns out, the mustache guy was already here waiting for me in the studio. Turns out that this guy has the best mustache in North America, and he's going to Germany to compete in the European mustache competition. I was a little worried about shooting a guy who's only attribute was his mustache in the studio, but it turned out great. He was a totally interesting person and he had all sorts of awesome stories about his mustache.

He got inspired to grow it in India, and once it grew out everyone would compare him to the Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. Once at a bar in Indianapolis (which is awesome, because I have a lot of family there, so we talked about Indianapolis for a while) a guy asked to take a picture with him and bought him a beer. He told me he thought it was the first time a guy bought someone a beer and didn't want to get into their pants.

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