Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas lights

Natalie and I redecorated the dorm room- put up multi colored Christmas lights and the whole room glows and looks beautiful. It looks like Christmas and there's no other way to describe it. It's not Thanksgiving yet but this can be expected, Christmas showing up before the weather is even dropping below freezing. Well the weather is cold now and it's snowing out, and I suppose turkey day is close enough that Christmas songs and Christmas lights are now okay.

I've been sick for days, a terrible stomachache and chills, haven't been able to eat or sleep. Chris is sweet enough to spend time with me at night when I'm alone in the room feeling sick, last night he stayed until about midnight, laying with me until I fell asleep. It's nice to have somebody taking care of me like that. He was always really fascinated by the Christmas lights and kept playing with them last night- the reflections of the lights in his eyes would have made a really cool picture but he wouldn't let me take one.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone is thinking about what they are thankful for- I think that right now I am thankful for growing up, living on my own and finding freedom. Of course I love my family, especially Dave, and seeing him is always the highlight of family vacations. He made a jack o' lantern this year that looks like a werewolf and burned me the new Of Montreal CD that he warned me not to listen to in front of my mother. He understands. She's his sister, after all. I'm thankful for him, for sticking up for me when my family gets on be about swinging liberal, and supporting things like gay marriage, abortion and Barack Obama. Tomorrow we will go to the mission and feed Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless people, and I will take pictures like I always do and meet awesome guys who will sit and listen to me brag about my stuffed elephant Peanut for hours (this happened when I was 7, okay?) and feel incredibly blessed not only to be as well off as I am but to get the chance to know these incredible people. I like that about photography, getting out there and sharing the stories of the common people who have amazing stories. Maybe I will bring along a video camera and make a little film about Thanksgiving at the mission.

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