Monday, November 10, 2008

Fake blood

Once in high school, a science teacher of mine told us that a new way to take blood, without needles, had been developed. Being one of those people who becomes queasy at the mention of blood and has to lay down in order to have blood taken at the doctor's office because I consistently pass out, I was interested. He proceeded to show us a clear substance that supposedly would draw the blood from your hand without any pain. I'm a natural skeptic, but I wanted to believe him, so I kept watching as he took his hand from the liquid after a minute then put it against a piece of paper that immediately turned bright red where his hand had been. I almost passed out before he started laughing. Of course it was all a joke using some variety of chemical reaction with the liquid and the paper.

I saw an advertisement for giving blood today and it made me think of that. I really wish I could give blood because I know how much good it does, but I have a hard enough time simply getting blood tests, so I can't imagine having to lay with a needle in my arm for several minutes. I feel like I should try to conquer my fear and do it anyway, but I'm no good to anyone if I pass out.

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