Saturday, November 15, 2008


My parents were the types that wanted their kids to see the world, and we did. It got kind of frustrating as a kid to never be around on weekends and breaks when all my friends were, but I was extremelly lucky to be able to travel as much as I did. I've seen so many places and a lot of it is what inspired me to write and take pictures and some of it, even, to be a journalist. I want to travel around the world, to be a journalist in third world, war torn countries and bring attention to the plight of those who need help. Sometimes you have to seperate being a good journalist and being a good person, but it doesn't mean you can't do good things as a journalist. I went on a mission trip once and realized that, due to my own lack of faith and confusion when it comes to God and things like that, I would never make a good missionary. My sisters will someday travel the world bringing the word of God to third world countries, but I've realized now that I'm going to travel the world bringing the stories of those people in the third world countries to the people that can do something to help. Because that's what journalism is all about, right? Storytelling.

There was a multimedia meeting the other day that made me think of that, and the topic of traveling comes up in that I'm going to Notre Dame tomorrow with the two soccer reporters to cover a woman's game. There's a chili cookoff for MPPA tomorrow and I'm bummed I'll miss my first MPPA thing, but the love of travel has been bred into me, even if it's just a day trip to Notre Dame. I'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

On another note, the quest to find myself is coming along slowly, but surely enough. Nights cooking chicken and pasta with good friends and riding bikes in the rain doesn't hurt. It's good for the soul. Everyone tells me I work too much, and I know it's true. I get so used to working constantly, to driving myself into the ground that these last few weeks, not being able to work has driven me crazy. I'm starting to work again and I like feeling needed, but I think in the time off I might have learned that spending a little time for fun and my mental health is never a bad idea.

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